- developing the job of plasturgy, to back firm's training actions, accompain them in their recruitings
- Youths', job seekers, prescriber information on jobs
- Firm's needs analysis
- Job-cell's creation : CV diffusion, actions with employment offices
- Training launching in labour market areas : block-release training, apprenticeship, job-seekers training…
- Management of an "offer-and-looking for-a-job" file
To accompain each firm in its step for training, from administrative aid to management & to strategic council :
- Help to the development & the set yp of the training plan
- Training actions of wage-earners contracts, training time stock's funding
- Research of complementary funds (european social funds, local funds, etc…)

To impulse the firm's performance through professional innovating actions :

- The "Certificats de Qualification Professionnels", passeport for new skills
- The Tutor's training, to reinforce the skills, passing on in firms
-Multimedia Tools, the in-house training new blow
- The "Action of developing the competences", a requalification operation for operators with standing in plan